Inglês na EEAR

Lista de 15 exercícios de Inglês com gabarito sobre o tema Inglês na EEAR com questões da Vestibulares Militares

01. (EEAR) Read the text and answer question.


- 25g butter

- 500g small onions, (about 5 in total), halved and finely sliced

- 2 eggs

- 284ml pot double cream

- 140g mature cheddar, coarsely grated

For the pastry

- 280g plain flour, plus extra for dusting

- 140g cold butter Adapted from - Accessed on 15/12/2015.

The text above is a recipe for:

  1. a salmon and watercress quiche.
  2. a sticky onion and cheddar quiche.
  3. a leek, mushroom and Gruyère quiche.
  4. a caramelized onion quiche with cheddar and bacon.

02. (EEAR) Read the cartoon and answer question.

Choose the correct alternative, according to the cartoon.

  1. The flying duck understood there was turbulence, because the winds were strong.
  2. The air traffic controller duck didn’t have time to warn about turbulence.
  3. The water in movement caused the wind turbulence.
  4. The water turbulence was caused by the alligator.

03. (EEAR) Read the cartoon and answer question.

Which words complete the lines in the cartoon?

  1. As – as
  2. At – as
  3. Like – as
  4. How – like

04. (EEAR) Read the cartoon and answer question.

In the first balloon, the verbs “watch” and “learn” are respectively in the

  1. imperative mood – imperative mood
  2. imperative mood – subjunctive mood
  3. subjunctive mood – imperative mood
  4. subjunctive mood – imperative mood

05. (EEAR) Read the cartoon and choose the correct alternative:

  1. The air traffic controller duck understood that the duck pilot was requesting a day of May.
  2. The pilot duck was shouting “mayday” because he wanted to relax.
  3. The air traffic controller duck was frantic due to the affliction of the pilot.
  4. The pilot duck was landing due to bad weather.

06. (EEAR) Read the text and answer question.

Behind a Shopping Center in New Jersey, Signs of a Mass Extinction

Behind a Lowe’s home improvement store here, scientists

are methodically scraping and sifting through ___ quarry pit

that may contain unique insights to the mass extinction that

eliminated _____ dinosaurs.

[5] Back then, about 66 million years ago, _____ oceans

were higher, and this part of southern New Jersey was a

shallow sea, 10 to 15 miles offshore from ____ ancient

mountain range that rose from the water. Today’s quarry pit

was once the sea bottom, and one particular layer about 40

[10] feet beneath the surface contains a bounty of fossils.

Kenneth J. Lacovara, a professor of paleontology and

geology at nearby Rowan University, calls the layer ___

“mass death assemblage.” He believes it may be ____ only

known collection of animal remains that dates from the mass

[15] extinction itself.

Taken from - Accessed on 06/01/2016.

Complete the text with the right articles. Then choose the correct alternative.

  1. a – the – the – a – an – the
  2. a – the – the – an – a – the
  3. an – the – the – an – a – an
  4. a – the – the – the – an – an

Texto para questões 7 a 9

Read the text and answer question. Heathrow expansion should face strict environmental conditions, say MPs.

[1] Final government approval for the expansion of Heathrow

should be withheld until Europe’s busiest airport can

demonstrate that it accepts and will comply with key

environmental conditions, a parliamentary committee has


MPs on the environmental audit committee have been

[5] hearing evidence on the likely carbon emissions, air quality

and noise levels after the government-appointed Airports

Commission recommended a third runway at Heathrow as

the preferred plan for London airport expansion.

(Adapted from www.theguardian/ environment. Acessed on 01/12/2015)

07. (EEAR) Write true (T) or false (F), according to the text:

( ) The expansion of Heathrow airport ought to be blocked until the busiest airport complies with key environmental conditions.

( ) The expansion of Heathrow should begin once Europe’s busiest airport may accept other conditions for weather.

( ) Europe’s busiest airport can accept this change under two conditions: better air quality and lower noise levels.

( ) Heathrow airport can choose the best alternative for environmental conditions.

  1. T – T – F – F
  2. F – F – T – F
  3. T – F – F – F
  4. F – F – T – T

08. (EEAR) Choose the synonym in the context for the underlined word in the title, and its correct part of speech.

  1. easygoing – adverb
  2. tough – adjective
  3. fear – adjective
  4. severely – adverb

09. (EEAR) Heathrow airport already has _____________.

  1. 1 runway
  2. 2 runways
  3. 3 runways
  4. 30 runways

10. (EEAR) Read the text and answer question.

The Last Dalai Lama?

[1] On a wet Sunday in June at the Glastonbury Festival,

more than 100,000 people spontaneously burst into a

rendition of ‘‘Happy Birthday.’’ Onstage, Tenzin Gyatso, the

14th Dalai Lama, blew out the solitary candle on a large

[5] birthday cake while clasping the hand of Patti Smith, who

stood beside him. The world’s most famous monk then poked

a thick finger at Smith’s silvery mane. ‘‘Musicians,’’ he said,

‘‘white hair.’’ But ‘‘the voice and physical action,’’ he added

in his booming baritone, ‘‘forceful.’’ As Smith giggled, he

[10] went on: ‘‘So, that gives me encouragement. Myself, now 80

years old, but I should be like you — more active!’’

Taken from Acessed on 14/12/15.

According to the text, it is correct to affirm that

  1. More than 100,000 people has bursted into a rendition of Happy Birthday.
  2. More than 100,000 people have bursted into a rendition of Happy Birthday.
  3. More than 100,000 people have burst into a rendition of Happy Birthday.
  4. More than 100,000 people has burst into a rendition of Happy Birthday.