UFPR 2021: Inglês

1. (UFPR 2021) According to the text, it is correct to say that in the province of Nova Scotia:

  1. more people were rescued from opioid overdoses in 2018 than in the following year.
  2. paramedics have been administering naloxone to make people who use drugs get rid of their addiction.
  3. Emergency Health Services (EHS) have to attend everyday occurrences to help people during a cocaine overdose.
  4. the number of people who has been saved from opioid overdoses has been recorded until the middle of 2020.
  5. drugstores are encouraged by medical services to sell naloxone for people who are drug addicts.

2. (UFPR 2021) Based on the text, it is correct to say that Matthew Bonn:

  1. has been saved from an overdose eight years ago.
  2. did all sorts of things to recover several people from overdoses.
  3. supports the idea that everyone should be away from all types of drugs.
  4. became involved in a fight to save a friend who was dying.
  5. decided to become a paramedic in order to save lives in Halifax.

3. (UFPR 2021) In the text, the underlined and in bold type word “this” refers, among other things, to the act of:

  1. throwing people in bathtubs.
  2. helping drug users in court.
  3. looking for the nearest health service available.
  4. watching a man turn blue and die.
  5. hiding cocaine from drug users.

4. (UFPR 2021) In the text, the word “whether” underlined and in bold type can be replaced without losing its meaning by:

  1. in addition.
  2. besides.
  3. either.
  4. nevertheless.
  5. otherwise